Heavy Doesn’t Mean Loud!

Last night at The Zoo, three legends (as far as I’m concerned) played stripped back set of music. I personally thought it great. Sure I would have been a little less composed had it been a Hard On’s / Baroness / Neurosis bill but as I said to Tim of Tym Guitars “Heavy doesn’t equal loud – and this music is really heavy”. I wish I’d snapped a shot of Blackie, too busy enjoying the songs from his solo album I guess.

Scott Baizley played next. Secretly I was really annoyed at the end of his set knowing that I’d just seen and heard some really magical music that I wasn’t going to be able to hear again anytime soon – it really reminded me of James Blackshaw.


Scott Kelly came across as a really friendly dude when In Tym Guitars earlier in the day but on stage, fuck he had an aura of intensity that was palpable. It certainly translated in his music, easily the best acoustic music I’ve seen live since I saw Michael Gira.


Scott and John ended the night with a Towns Van Zandt cover ‘St John The Gambler‘. Perfectly articulating a certain kind of weather-beaten American musical underbelly that is a very scant whisper in the wind these days.

I sure felt lucky to see this show. Thanks to Robbie for all his hard work bringing these guys to Australia… and thanks to Nath and Tim for convincing me it wasn’t stupid to go talk to John. Such a rad dude.

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