Shellac – The HiFi (Melbourne) 20.10.12

This was the second of two Shellac shows in Melbourne. The first one was brilliant so I brought my camera to the second one…

You probably know this guy… his name is Steve Albini.

Todd Trainer on drums and Bob Weston on bass.

“what do I do with this?”

Everyone’s a drummer!

…until it becomes some kind of synchronised swimming type affair.

And then Todd went for a wander around to declare the end of radio.

You would think the whole show would be about the guy on the guitar but Todd took the rock star role and made it some of the nights true highlights.

To finish the set in a tidy and timely manner, Steve and Bob decided to down tools and then help todd remove his kit from the stage… while he was still playing it!

…and with one swift steal of the snare, the show was over!

After waiting 19 years, this show was so worth it. 11 out of 10 rock show! My next stop, Brisbane. Below on the left is the poster from their last Brisbane show… 19 years ago!

You Can Check Out More Photos HERE

    • Miel
    • October 21st, 2012

    Thanks so much for sharing! This was an incredible show; you got some great shots here. I had only my terrible camera-phone so it’s awesome to re-live these moments in HD! Cheers.

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